1. Important Documents: Passport, visa, and other essential documents.
  2. General Clothing: Short-sleeves clothes, shorts, dresses, sportswear, etc.
  3. Warm Clothing: Thick jackets, sweaters, long-sleeve shirts, and thermal undergarments.
  4. Rain Gear: Lightweight raincoat or umbrella for occasional rainfall.
  5. Comfortable Shoes: Suitable for long walks and exploring the campus and city.
  6. Personal Toiletries: Toothbrush, toothpaste, towels, shampoo, etc.
  7. Medications: Adequate supply of any specific medications needed.
  8. Portable Charger and Adapter: Portable charger for electronic devices and adapter for Taiwanese outlets.
  9. Foldable Bag: Useful for traveling or shopping, easy to carry extra items.
  10. Reusable Cup and Utensils: Eco-conscious option to reduce waste from disposable containers.