NTHU Visiting Scholar ID Card 

We are serving as a single window for application of this ID card in order to establish a welcoming campus for international scholars and experts visiting our univeristy as well as to simplify the administrative procedures for the departments.


"Visiting scholar" refers to scholars invited by departments, collges, or research center at NTHU. The length of stay shall exceed one month (inclusive). 
It excludes all types of faculties under the supervision of the Office of Personnel, and all types of students under the supervision of the Office of Academic Affairs. 



The ID card serves as a library card for short-term researchers, an access card to department building and facilities rental services, a smartcard for public transport in Taiwan and so forth.

 Application Procedures 

1. Please check the qualification first.
2. Download and fill out the "NTHU Visiting Scholar ID Card Application Form (2022.06.14 update)".
3. The application form shall be approved by the department / college / research centers before submission.
4. Submit the application form to the "Division of Global Research Collaboration" at the Office of Global Affairs and pay the fees at the same time. 
5. Our team will inform the applicants after the application is approved and the card is issued.

Division of Global Research Collaboration drc@my.nthu.edu.tw 



How to be a Visiting Scholar (July 18, 2022 update)


Q: What should I do if I want to  become a “Visiting Scholar” at NTHU?

Please refer to the list of Academics or Research on NTHU website, find the unit you would like to visit, and contact the host departments/ colleges/ institutes/ research centres/ professors directly.


Q: What are the preliminaries that should be done to host a visiting scholar

For those who will host short-term (one month to one semester) visiting scholar, please check the following items:
1.If the visiting scholar is officially appointed by NTHU, please contact the Office of Personnel for details.
2.If the visiting scholar is NOT NTHU employee: 
(1) Please confirm the date and duration of his/her visit first.
(2) If necessary, an invitation letter should be provided by the host academic unit/research centre for the application of visa to Taiwan. 
(3) If necessary, the host can contact the Division of Housing or the General Affairs Office to arrange on-campus accommodation. (Early application is strongly recommended if you want to stay at Tsing Hua Guest House.)
(4) If necessary, the host should assist the scholar to apply for related insurances. (National Health Insurance is required if the duration of stay in Taiwan exceeds 180 days.)
(5) If necessary, the host can apply for a "Visiting Scholar ID card" on behalf of the visiting scholar (for access to on-campus buildings, library, facility rental services and public transport). Please visit our website for further instructions and contact the Division of Global Research Collaboration for application. 
(6) Please refer to the National Immigration Agency for the application of an Alien Resident Certificate. 
(7) The host should abide by the latest entry regulations and instructions of the Taiwan Centres for Disease Control, the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education. .
(8) The host (academic unit, research center, professor) should be the main contact at NTHU, responsible for all administrative affairs related to the visit.(9) Visiting scholars from  the Fulbright Scholar Program (Taiwan) should follow the instructions on "IIE Website → Taiwan → Corresponding Programs → Application Requirement". (For teaching and teaching/research grants, free housing is provided by most preferred host institutions during the length of stay; this should be clearly identified and articulated in the letter of invitation; however, grantees are responsible for securing their housing arrangements directly with their hosts.)
(10) “Dual Degree Program Promotion Funding” launched by the Office of Global Affairs in 2022 is applicable to those who are from one of our partner universities which NTHU has dual degree agreements with.  (Application will be announced by the Office of Global Affairs annually around the middle of the year.)


Q: How to create an invitation letter?
The format and content of an invitation letter depend on the requirements of the countries the visiting scholars come from. It is highly recommended to refer to the website of the Bureau of Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs. An invitation letter usually includes:
use of the official letter of the host university/unit; 
statement of the individual information of the visiting scholar such as name, date of birth, affiliation, research specialties and so forth;
purpose of the visit such as short-term field research, performance consultant, guest lecturer, or collaborative project researcher;
duration of the visit (use the Western Era is recommended; itinerary is optional)
host at NTHU
any related fees such as: whether to provide accommodation or research grants, whether to charge registration fees, whether to be formally hired through the personnel process, etc. If a fee is charged or provided, the specific amount may be indicated;
the visiting scholar's language proficiency (whether  meets the requirements of the host university/unit.
contact information, signatures and official seal of the host university/unit.
If you are the recipient of any scholarship to support the visit, it is highly recommended to attach relevant information in the invitation letter.


Please follow the latest regulations of the Ministry of Education and the Taiwan Centres for Disease Control of the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
E.g.  MoE’s regulations of inviting foreign scholars and experts to visit Taiwan for the purpose of research or academic exchange (without employment relationship)(May 2022).