Mandarin Courses

The awarded student shall undertake at least 15 hours of Chinese language courses offered by NTHU each week. Depending on their proficiency level, they will be able to select from a variety of Mandarin courses offered by different faculties.

For novice and intermediate level learners, NTHU Chinese Learning Center offers elementary and intermediate level courses to introduce students to Chinese pronunciation, pinyin, and characters. Students will gain the ability to hold simple conversations by asking and answering questions related to self or daily life. They can also take courses provided by the International Bachelor Degree Program to sharpen their specific language skills, courses include but not limited to Listening and Speaking, Mandarin Pronunciation, and Chinese Character Learning etc.

For advanced level learners, there are advanced courses that cover topics like Chinese culture, social problems, and environment issues. News Mandarin, Business Mandarin, Practical Chinese Writing, Classical Chinese Literature, and Contemporary Chinese Literature are also available at NTHU.

Please check the website of Chinese Learning Center for more information:

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