Visa Application

  1. Awarded student shall apply for a resident visa for studying Mandarin Chinese

  2. Required documents for application

  • Application form (Complete the application of Bureau of Consular Affairs and then print it out:

  • Passport and one photocopy of the passport (The passport must be valid for at least 6 months)

  • Two 2-inch ID photos that are taken with 6 months

  • Original and one photocopy of health certificate

  • Study plan (study motives should be included)

(NTHU will provide the following files)

  • Admission letter

  • Scholarship certification

  • Entry permit (required during the pandemic)


    Please prepare for the document listed and directly fill in the online application form. Interviews will be held by Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Offices in the US (location can be selected while filling out the application form); all visa application fees shall be directly paid to TECO (Standard Fees for R.O.C. (Taiwan) Visas in Foreign Passports:





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