There are three major student restaurants on campus: XiaoChiBu, ShuiMu and FungYunLou. Eating at a student restaurant might be cheaper than eating out.

  1. 小吃部 XiaoChiBu

  • Location:

  • The XiaoChiBu includes a total of 10 food stalls, a 7-11 convenience store, and a McDonald's, offering a diverse selection for faculty, staff, and students. The food stalls consist of the following: Ruis Rice Balls, Hansik Fusion Cuisine, Duowei, Yifan Fast Food, Pinjia Japanese Cuisine, Tianyi Kitchen, Fenghe Triple Delight, and Jia Ming Fresh Fruit Tea.

  1. 水木生活中心 ShuiMu

  • Location:

  • The 1st-floor restaurant area offers a diverse selection of delicious food options and occasional pop-up stalls. Additionally, there are Shui Mu Department Store, the NTHU Optical Shop, and the Laundry Room, providing convenient lifestyle services. On the 2nd floor, you'll find Malacca Malaysian Cuisine, Punda Coffee, a hair salon, and the Lijie Typing and Copying Service.

  1. 風雲樓 FungYunLou

  • Location:

  • FungYunLou is a four-story dining hall that offers a diverse range of food options, including spring rolls, beef noodles, and Southeast Asian cuisine, among others.

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