The procedure when a student contracts COVID-19 during their study period at NTHU (2023 version)

  • Isolation Exemption and Reporting Requirement

    Commencing on March 20th, individuals with mild COVID-19 cases will be exempt from isolation. However, moderate and severe cases must continue to report their status.

  • Self-Health Management

    In the initial five days from the onset of symptoms, individuals are required to stay at separated room for self-health management. If a rapid test yields a negative result, an early return is permissible. Those with symptoms are advised to rest at home and minimize outdoor activities.

  • Shopping and Medical Attention

    The self-health management policy does not impose specific restrictions on purchasing supplies, food, or seeking medical care. You can visit nearby stores for supplies.

  • Housing Arrangements

    • During the first five days from symptom onset, self-health management should be conducted at separated room. If a negative rapid test result is obtained, returning to regular housing is allowed.
    • Foreign students residing on the NTHU campus without off-campus accommodation options will be assigned to a separate room for a 5-day self-health management period.
    • Designated rooms for self-health management are temporarily vacant dormitory rooms. You are responsible for bringing your own bedding, toiletries, clothing, and dormitory air-conditioner IC cards, etc.
  • Healthcare

    If you experience any health issues, please seek medical attention promptly. On-campus clinic details can be found here, and off-campus clinic details can be found here.

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