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Tokyo Forum 2023 

Cultivating Humanity amid Social Divisions and Digital Transformation 

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Tokyo Forum 2023 will be held at the University of Tokyo's Yasuda Auditorium on Thursday, November 30 and Friday, December 1. This year’s theme is Cultivating Humanity amid Social Divisions and Digital Transformation. The world today faces increasing division and conflict caused by geopolitical tensions. And the dizzying pace of innovations in digital technology is bringing drastic changes to the society in which we live. What are the proper roles for us as humans and as academic institutions in these times? Participants with knowledge and experience in addressing global issues will come together and discuss paths to solutions from multiple perspectives. 

This year’s forum will feature three keynote speakers and seven sessions. These will include “Youth Session”, in which students from South Korea will join five UTokyo students to discuss solutions to issues; “University Presidents’ Session”, in which the presidents of five universities including the University of Tokyo will discuss the roles of academic institutions in grappling with digital transformation; and “Business Leaders’ Session”, in which panelists will consider the future as shaped by entrepreneurial minds. These themes are directly tied to events happening in the world today and the lives that UTokyo students will lead in the future. In addition, one fundamental question to be considered throughout the Tokyo Forum 2023 is “What makes a human being?” From the frontlines of business, from the “borderline” between robots and humans, and from the universities that face the digital transformation, Tokyo Forum 2023 will take on the global issues we face in this age of division and change. We invite you to listen in on the discussions as they unfold in Yasuda Auditorium. 

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Day 1: Thursday, Nov. 30 1:00PM-5:35PM 

Day 2: Friday, Dec. 1 10:30AM-6:00PM 

Venue: Yasuda Auditorium 

Language: English (Simultaneous interpretation available in Japanese) 

Admission: Free 

Registration: Advance registration required (see this website

Organizers: the University of Tokyo, Chey Institute for Advanced Studies 

Inquiries: tokyo.forum.adm@gs.mail.u-tokyo.ac.jp

About Tokyo Forum 

Tokyo Forum is a meeting place for a diverse array of individuals from various backgrounds to conduct an open exchange of information and views on issues facing the Earth and human society, and to discuss and propose solutions. 

The Forum is an international conference series created by the University of Tokyo together with the Chey Institute for Advanced Studies and held annually with the overarching theme of Shaping the Future. 

At the first Tokyo Forum held in 2019, more than 120 participants came from around the world to hold lively discussions on issues including politics, economics, culture, and the environment. It was conducted online for the following two years, and then in 2022 it was held at the Yasuda Auditorium with discussions on the theme of “Dialogue Between Philosophy and Science: In a World Facing War, Pandemic, and Climate Change”. Previous Forum discussions can be viewed in the archive. 

Tokyo Forum: Shaping the Future – Archive List 


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